Rash Between Fingers

The skin between fingers is known as webs. It is fragile and prone to easy irritation, damage, injuries, etc. One of the common problems affect the webs is rash between fingers. Causes of rash between […]

Zika Rash

What is Zika virus? It is a viral disease also known as Zika fever primarily caused by the bite of Aedes mosquito. The virus belongs to the genre Flavivirus. As mentioned already, the vector transmitting […]

Rash on Hands and Feet

A rash is a significant change in the skin, either in the texture or the color. The skin can also feel itchy with some redness and look bumpy and scaly. An itchy rash can get worse if […]

Pruritic Rash

Pruritus simply refers to itching. It can also be linked to a number of other factors such as dryness in the skin, skin infections, pregnancy, and sometimes even cancer. Anyone could be vulnerable to pruritus but there are certain groups […]

Petechiae rash

Petechiae or Petechial rash is a spot of red or purple color caused due minor hemorrhage. These spots usually occur on legs which may appear like rash initially but actually they are in clusters. These […]

Prickly Heat Rash

Getting prickly heat rash can be both irritating and discomforting. These tiny red bumps, which are usually very itchy, commonly appear during hot and humid climate as they are triggered by profuse sweating. The rash […]

PUPPS rash

Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPP) is a skin condition that is developed during pregnancy and it causes itching. It is one of  the most common and apparent skin rash evident in pregnant […]

Chlorine Rash

A chlorine rash is a skin rash that is caused due to the exposure to chlorine.  This rash is popular by the name swimming pool rash because mostly people report these rashes after they have […]


Dermatomyositis is an inflammatory myopathy in which the muscles get inflamed. This disorder affects usually the skin and muscles but in some cases it can also affect joints, lungs, and esophagus or may be heart. […]

Scarlatina rash

Scarlatina, also known as scarlet fever is a disease that is characterized by symptoms such as sore throat, headache and fever with scarlatina rash developing 1 or 2 days later. The condition is most common […]

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