Burnt Roof of Mouth – What to do?

One may think that only the external skin is susceptible to burns, but this is not the case. In order to appreciate the taste of food and the sensations associated with chewing and swallowing, the inner skin of your mouth is very delicate nature makes it very easy for this skin to get burns.

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When you take some hot broth or coffee, you will burn this tissue. The same will happen when you take a bite of a pizza that is too hot. Oddly enough, this happens a lot due to taking hot pizza and that is why the burnt roof of mouth condition is also known as the “Pizza Burn”. One is advised never to take food that has come directly from the oven or the microwave oven; this is because the insides of such food may still be too hot, even if the surface looks cold. Give food from microwave and conventional ovens a while to cool down, before you eat it.

Symptoms of burnt roof of mouth

Burnt roof of mouth is usually not too severe and will only hurt for a short while and the pain goes away. Sometimes it will only hurt when you take that one single bite, and disappear within a minute, and you can continue eating your food after the burning sensation has gone and the food has cooled a bit more. However, severe burnt roof of mouth will linger for a longer time and may need the attention of a doctor, if home remedies do not work.

Here are symptoms of a severe burn to the roof of your mouth

  • There will be severe pain which will last for a long time; sometimes the pain may last for weeks.
  • There will be swelling of the inner tissues of the mouth.
  • The tissues will also form blisters which will exude a lot of fluid.
  • The inner tissues will be inflamed and have a deep angry-red color.
  • If the burn becomes infected, then pockets of pus will begin to form inside the mouth.

Note: When you get third-degree burns to the tissues of your mouth, there may be some nerve damage. This damage may affect the functioning of the nerves and the pain sensations may not get to the brain. If this is the case, then the doctor will have to look for other symptoms in order to determine how serious the burn is.

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There is only one cause and this is the biting of extremely hot foods, such as those coming from a microwave oven or traditional oven; pizza is one of the most common causes of burnt roof of mouth, as mentioned earlier.

Treatment of burnt roof of mouth

When you get minor burns to the inside of your mouth, or first-degree burns, then you will not need the attention of a doctor. Treating such minor burns is done easily using home remedies.

  • Take a sip of a cool drink, or put some ice inside your moth; this helps in bringing down the pain.
  • Drink some milk, which will coat the inside of your mouth and give better relief than plain water.
  • Over the counter pain medication can also be used to ease the pain.
  • Anesthetic mouthwash helps in numbing the tissues and easing the pain.

Note: During the healing period, you should avoid crunchy food. The sharp edges and ends of these foods irritate the healing tissues. You should also keep away from hot foods; take soft and cool foods until you are fully healed.

If your tissues do get infected and pus begins to form in the mouth, use antibacterial mouthwash to reduce the infection. You can also mix some salt and water and gargle to reduce the swelling and burning sensation. The burnt  skin will peel off in a few days, and after a couple of weeks, the burn will be completely healed.

When should you see a doctor?

As mentioned before, burns to the mouth are usually mild and can be treated at home, but some will need the attention of a doctor. So when should you go to a doctor?

  • When the pain is too much and lasts for long, or does not respond to home remedies, then you are suffering from severe burns.
  • Some over-the-counter pain medication can be used to ease the pain in second-degree burns, but a visit to the doctor is necessary.
  • You need emergency medical treatment when you get third-degree burns to the mouth. You will also need treatment with antibiotics in order to avoid getting an infection to the burnt tissues.

If you are in doubt about the severity of your burnt roof of mouth, you can call your local hospital; describe the symptoms that you have experienced and the home remedies that you have tried. Then they will tell you whether you need to see a doctor or not.

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