Why is my period blood black?

Menstrual cycle is a very vital part of a women’s life and yet not all women are completely aware of the facts associated with this change and are also sometimes, shy to discuss  them. Menstrual cycle is accompanied by several changes both at the physical level as well as mental and emotional state of a woman. A slight change in the menstrual cycle from normal may cause the individual to panic. These changes could be blood clots during periods or severe pain or cramping.  One change that is known to alarm several women is black period blood.

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Black period blood; as the name suggests, is a situation when blood flow during periods turns black. It is a very common thing and almost every woman faces the problem of black blood in the course of her entire span of menstrual cycles, not just once or twice, but many times over. Now the question arises why black blood? Have you ever observed a blood stain on a cloth which has been there for a few days? The stain is never bright red in color, but dark brown or even blackish in appearance. This is very similar to black blood during periods. It is the blood that has been there in uterus or vagina for quite a few days and is being released from the body now. The doctors consider it a normal state and it is said that blood gets oxidised when stays for long in uterus or vagina. This is generally observed when you are late on your periods. Now you know the probable reason for black blood when you are late on your periods by a few days. It has stayed in uterus or vagina for a few days and so it turns black or dark brown in color.

Causes of Black blood during period

Black blood is not a very serious problem or disease and can be taken lightly. But if it is accompanied by severe pain, cramping or the span of menstrual cycle is extended to more number of days than usual, it may indicate the onset of something serious. It is advisable to consult your gynecologist in such conditions. There can be several reasons for black blood:

1. Delayed period:

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Black blood towards the end of menstrual cycle is very a normal phenomenon. It is the old blood being thrown out.

2. Retained menses:

These can be another reason for black period blood. It would mean that the menses are being retained in the uterus or in vagina. It can be retained in vagina, the hymen covers the vagina completely and does not allow blood to flow out until pushed by contractions from uterus. Also, in older women, narrowing cervix could lead to retained menses. In both situations medical assistance at the right time is a must.

3. Infection in vagina:

If the subject is suffering with some kind of vaginal infection, even then black or brown blood discharge can be observed. The infection could be transmitted sexually or caused due to overgrowth of bacteria normally found in vaginal area. In either case the discharge will be accompanied by foul smell or pain in pelvic area.

4. Miscarriage:

Untimely black blood discharge may be indicative of a miscarriage. If you are pregnant or expecting pregnancy, it is very necessary to be cautious of any untimely menstrual cycles. In such situations the blood may be black in colour and could indicate a miscarriage or abortion.

5. Stress and depression:

When a woman undergoes a phase of stress and depression it leads to thinning of the inner walls of uterus. This thinning will eventually lead to delay in shedding of the uterus wall and the onset of periods.

6. Medications:

The blood discharge during periods may also be affected by the medications that one may be taking. For example, if someone has been taking contraceptive pills it is likely to lead to discoloration of discharged blood.


Black blood in itself is not a disease but it could be an indication to a serious condition or a result of some major change in the female body. So, curing the problem of black blood would essentially mean finding out the reason for this state and consequently taking correct medical assistance to curb the same. A major thing to be kept in mind is that black blood towards the end of periods is totally normal. But in all other cases, it is judicious to consult your gynecologist to check for any serious problems.

Also, one can be assured that the problem of black blood during periods is as common as the periods getting delayed or blood clots during periods. So instead of getting alarmed at the slightest changes, it is judicious to observe the changes over a period of time and then consult a good doctor, if the need is felt.

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  1. My period is so dark it looks like it’s black. I’m only on my 2 day. I’ve been getting cramps a week before my period. And I’ve never done that before,, starting to wonder

    • hi im experiencing the same only thing is im on my first day….the good thing is i dont have any foul odors but im starting to wonder as well….did u get to find out if there is anything going on?

      • Please help, Im 6 weeks late did a pregnancy test and said negative, lots of lower back pain and brown / black thick discharge. My dr is away for three weeks so will book in with someone else I’m very worried this has been going on for the past 5 days and I’m still not on my period any ideas on what could be wrong

      • Wow mine is the exact same as yours Jessica, on the first day my period is black, also I always get cramps a week or so before my period. I am starting to get quite worried although the black period has no odour it’s very heavy

      • Ya mine came rlly late and it was black at first.
        think I might have a clot cuz not a lot has been coming out. What should I do ?

    • I have black period blood too MyShell it’s only a little black blood and it is the wet kind I just started my period yesterday and I also have red blood too which is normal I don’t understand the black blood part it’s only a little bit I had horrible mood swings before my period and I think I had cramps before my period came I don’t know.

  2. thx alot. I would love to ask about my problem. l am 21 years old and have recently started using emergency pills on the only two times we’ve had been physical in an unprotected way. am currently in my periods but the blood is dark and flow is relatively light. another thing is that I’ve been in my period for now 7 days yet its usually 6. what could be the cause?

  3. I’m 16 and i’m on my period. Im only on my 2nd day and its black since the the 1st day. At 1st its just like some brown/black spots and not increasing. Is it normal?

  4. Hi, i missed my period for one month,nd the following month when i comes it s like drops of black blood And clear discharge.what could be the cause?

    • Actually the black blood means that uhm its like old period gunk that never got to leave your body so its not like bad its just old period that never left your body

    • If you skipped the month before it’s probably fine, that might just be some blood from then that just wasn’t enough to get pushed out or something along the lines of that.

  5. This helped so much as I’m only 15 and it worried me when I saw it was black. I was late, so thankfully I don’t need to go to the doctor about it, but I e kept an eye on it and the colour is improving, thankfully I don’t bed to worry in the future that much, thanks a lot!

    • What should i do? I missed my menstruation. Delayed about 3 up to 5 months and black in color. I am so much worried about mine.

  6. My concern is;my normal period possibly ended 7days, and now I seem to be having another.Besides that fact it’s off schedule it’s also much darker. I’ve seen the questions regarding the dis color, but what about the back to back cycle with the other concerns as well. Should I be concerned?

  7. my sister has black periods,she been saying she gets pains in her tummy it’s been happening for happening for the past 2 year,can it affect the brain she nor acting normal.

  8. My period used to to be red but got changed to black after i took some antibiotics prescribed to me by a doctor which cured me completely of the fungi infection i had.Please what can i do for my period to normalize even though its not smelling?

  9. Hi there im 18 and have been having black spotting periods that last +~ 4/5 days for 3 months now
    My usual period was 6/7 days with a medium flow

    Its all changed now what can thus be

  10. Hi there. I have also the same experience. I having also black menses in 2 mnths till now its the still the same. Im was worried thats why i came up here to search to get some information. Im hoping it will be normal again.

  11. Hi my period is black too but I still see the red blood there but the black blood is much and am worried it has been happening for a few months now and it’s always black from day one I start.. Am 20 and my blood was the normal red before with just traces of black when it comes towards the end… It’s now black from day one now..

  12. I normally bleed for 7-10 days and have a day or two of spotting. My first day is always light but day 2-7/10 are heavy flow. I can bleed through a heavy flow pad in an hour at times. I have started having dark almost black blood. Not thick like a spotting blood. Thin and runny. It turns the whole pads black with no white left at all even turning it over the back is soaked. Sometimes when I go to wrap it up for the trash it will drip out of the pad. It is thin and very dark. I get very shaky and light headed during those days which I assume is a slight effect of animea. Any thoughts on to why or what is causeing this?

  13. I’m 20 years old and for the past year or so I have been bleeding constantly and it is dark brown almost black. I have been to the doctor but they really didn’t do anything. Can someone please help me and tell me what could be causing this, it’s driving me crazy it’s not just once a month like normal it’s litteraly everyday… please help

  14. Hi..i experienced little drops of blood on the first day of my period….and then on the second day,,it was black…and it wasnt even full…pls what does this mean??this happened last month,although am yet to see my menses for this month,,,am so worried and scared…

  15. I just recently got on nexplanon, and v this is my second period in a month! Months before I had a miscarriage and the symptoms are quite the same, if anyone can help please do. I’m terrified please help

  16. My period starts on Thursday I missed it for one week. When it started i get like three big clots of blood from my vagina n then the black blood. Its been two days now but its very light not heavy as usual. What is my case pls?

  17. I’m on day 8 (which is very unusual) and its black clots with red blood. I have no clue what is wrong with me. no unusual symptoms except it’s lighter this month.

  18. Hello, I have been experiencing this for some months now, and mine starts from the very first day. I was becoming worried. What do you think is the cause and what do u advice I do? Tanks!

  19. My periods duration is bit irregular..bt always going red blood periods..bt this time brown even looks like a black,either I’m having my legs and back pains even lower abdomen….is it ok ? Normal? Or do I have something bad sickness? I’m worrying. Even scare.please help me :'(

  20. Hi i started my period 8 days early and its just black bits i had a bit of normal blood but not much. Its painful im on my 7th day.
    What should i do

  21. Hie lam having black blood for the past three months and my stomarch is become big my belly are becoming big also and having milk and my mouth loose taste everytime what could it be

  22. hae? am 21yrs old, have been experiencing severe crumps with dark black bloood. i was also diagonosed with UTI ….i was immediately given medics……now its back what are the best medics to take

  23. though am expecting pregnancy: this is d second time i experienced black blood period. could it be pregnant ? or sometin else. i dnt feel any pain or cramp anywhere .

  24. i am 22 yers old and i have been on contraceptives for 3 yers i stoped on the thrd yer….nd ever since i was on the contraceptive mynperiods stoped….now that inhv stoped m going to my periods abnormaly…this month i get my periods the nxt i dnt….nd this month i have dark blood comin out nd it smells with small clots….am really concerned

  25. So I have always had blood clots that are big at all times during my period and they are black….is that a problem? They do range in size from pea to quarters. I do have sever cramps and it usually cause me to not be able to stand or walk without getting light headed. And it last 7-8

  26. My period is so black and its really scaring me,my last period was black too and this mnth is also black. Have never had a miscarriage but I was on some medications last month. I started noticing this since I started taking d drugs. I’m not pregnant because av done a pregnancy test. Am 24 pls wat could be d problem?

  27. I have had 6 miscarriages and I’m on my first day of my cycle and it started out black and is still black do I need to be alarmed?

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