Turner Syndrome

Turner syndrome is a condition associated with a girl’s chromosomes resulting in a short height. Researchers do not exactly know what causes Turner syndrome but they do hold that the condition occurs due to missing […]


Scleroderma is a term used to refer to group of autoimmune disorders, which affects the connective tissue and skin. These diseases cause hardening and tightening of skin and other parts of the connective tissue or […]

Rash Under Armpit

The armpit is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. It requires continuous care so as to prevent symptoms such as rashes. These blemishes may appear because of using harmful deodorants and perfumes […]

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

Alice in Wonderland syndrome occurs when there is disorientation of a person’s perception. It is a neurological condition associated with the signals communicated to the brain from the eyes causing distorted perception. Alice in Wonderland […]

White Spots on Fingernails

Healthy fingernails have always been considered to be sign of good health; they tend to be smooth without any discoloration, ridges, deformities, or spots. Nails consist of several layers of a protein known as keratin, […]

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