Sweat Smells Like Vinegar

Perspiration is a very normal phenomenon and important for the health and well being of the human body. It is one of the crucial mechanisms by means of which our body gets rid of its waste substances.  Slight smell in sweat is always present but if the sweat reeks of vinegar or onion, it can be quite embarrassing and overbearing on people around you.

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There are several reasons why sweat may smell like vinegar. Some of them have been discussed below:

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  • Personal hygiene: A common observed reason for sweat smelling like vinegar can be unhygienic daily habits. People who do not take regular body wash are sure to smell bad soon enough. Your body will excrete waste substances by means of sweating at its normal rate. But if you do not remove accumulated waste substances from the external skin layers regularly it will only be an invitation to all kinds of odor producing bacteria.
  • Food consumption: Sometimes even when you are regular with body wash and keep your body clean, your smell may sweat like vinegar. This may have something to do with your diet. Whatever you eat directly affects the smell of sweat. If you are on a diet very rich in proteins, there are greater possibilities that you may observe vinegar like smelling sweat.
  • Diabetes: It has also been reported that diabetic generally people have sweat that smells like vinegar. This is because of the ample of sugar content in their body. The breakdown of this sugar leads to generation of acidic compounds like those found in vinegar and hence the smell.

Smelly sweat is a very common thing. It could be because of change in dietary intake, body disorders or change in regular cleaning habits. But at the same time it is not something that cannot be controlled. With little efforts and care anyone can get rid of this foul smell. One of the very simple things that can help is to increase water intake. Water is a natural detoxifying agent. It helps to remove waste substances in form of urine. When your body will have less waste substances, it will mean less smelling sweat.

Also, one should take regular body wash and keep one’s body clean. If you have very high rate of perspiration, then probably you could take bath twice a day. That shall keep your skin clean and definitely help in reducing the body odor. Also use of good soap and deodorants can play an important role in getting rid of vinegar like smelling sweat.

You may try changing your diet and observe if that helps. Try to go for a diet with lesser protein for some days and observe if that helps. If the state persists after all these measures, you must consider referring to a doctor, because it may also be an indication of diabetes.

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