Urine smells like Coffee?

Ever wondered why every doctor, when testing for some disease generally asks to get yourself tested for a urine test?  The reason is obvious, urine is not only one of the most important methods by which the body gets rid off its unwanted products but at the same time it is also a direct reflection of a person’s health, and the kind of food he or she consumes. Several people complain of bad smell or odor in urine. Urine may smell like ammonia or coffee, or emit a very strong pungent smell.

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In normal healthy condition, the urine is pale yellow and odorless. But even a slight change in eating habits or bodily disorder changes its color and odor. Urine may smell like coffee because of several reasons, the major reason being drinking large amount of coffee , very strong coffee or even dehydration. Why is that when drink orange juice, the urine does not smell like one? This is because products like coffee, tea and soda contain caffeine.

Caffeine is one of those products which cannot be digested by the human body and is as such released by the kidneys in the form of urine. When you drink too much coffee, kidneys release greater amount of caffeine in urine than at normal times and hence the smell becomes obvious. Similarly if you drink too less water, then also urine becomes concentrated. Caffeine concentration in urine increases relatively when compared to water and it produces coffee-like smell.  It is important that you keep a check on the quantity of coffee, tea or soda that you drink through the day. Too much of anything can be very harmful and so can be too much of these fluids.

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One of the best ways to keep oneself healthy is to drink lots of water. Most doctors suggest drinking at least two liters of water every day on an average. This water is sufficient to remove all unnecessary toxins from the body. If the fluid content is more, it decreases the concentration of smell producing components like caffeine and ammonia. One should always be vigilant about the changes that may take place in urine; its smell and odor. It helps you make sure that your body is functioning perfectly and can also help you detect an early disease. Reasons for change in urine smell and color may vary from being as simple as less water intake to as serious as urinary tract infection or diabetes. Whenever you observer any such changes, you may first try to increase water intake. If it still does not help the problem, then you must probably consider seeing a doctor. Urine is no doubt a window to the inside of a human body. It helps doctors judge  the patient’s health and make precise diagnosis of possible diseases, if any.

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  1. After drinking a bottle of Slim Fast (cappuccino flavored), I went to the bathroom about 4 hours later and my urine literally smelled like the shake I just drank. It creeped me out a bit, but now I understand after reading this.

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