Sunken Cheeks

A cosmetic condition of sunk in or hollow cheeks is known as sunken cheeks. It is caused due to loss of skin elasticity and subcutaneous fat in cheeks. It can occur as a natural part […]

Stomach Growling After Eating

Also called borborygmi, stomach growling usually occurs when one is hungry. Stomach growling after eating can occur due to a variety of different causes; it can occur as a normal part of food digestion, excessive […]

How to stop farting?

Farting is a natural body function like breathing, belching and sneezing. It cannot be stopped as it is at the same time essential for releasing the accumulated gas; however it can be controlled in some […]

Tortuous Colon

A tortuous colon is a condition that is medically termed as a redundant colon; it may be longer than the usual size/length and hence may need additional number of loops and twists to adjust into […]

Normal Phosphate Levels

Phosphorus is vital mineral that the body needs for the growth and repair of cells and tissues. All body cells have phosphate and 85 percent is found in the bones and teeth. Along with calcium, […]

Excessive Flatulence

Excessive Flatulence is commonly known as ‘farting’. This problem is extremely embarrassing for all those who suffer from it. It occurs mostly due to gases generated in intestine due to improper food digestion. This gas […]

Urine smells like Coffee?

Ever wondered why every doctor, when testing for some disease generally asks to get yourself tested for a urine test?  The reason is obvious, urine is not only one of the most important methods by […]