How to stop farting?

Farting is a natural body function like breathing, belching and sneezing. It cannot be stopped as it is at the same time essential for releasing the accumulated gas; however it can be controlled in some ways.

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Cutting down on sugar consumption can curb excessive flatulence

  • As sugar breaks down in the gut more easily and quickly the chances of production of gas are more when the food gets digested. This is also applicable in the case of fructose, lactose or sorbitol.
  • Reduction in carbonated drinks: Carbonated drinks not only contain excessive sugar and caffeine but also its fizz fills up the intestines with more air than it should be. People who consume too much beer, sodas and other fizzy and sparkling drinks tend to fart more.
  • More fibre and less starch: Foods rich in starch make digestion difficult. However rice is one such starch containing food that does not do much harm and can be taken even in gas problems and is in fact easier to digest. Other food items such as potatoes, wheat grains, wheat flour and flour products, baked items are very tough for intestines and causes more release of intestinal gases.
  • Quitting Gum Chewing and Smoking: Chewing gum means swallowing air causing farts. Same is the case with smoking where one consumes more air. Giving up or reducing both has proven to be very helpful.
  • Improving the digestion: it is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle for a balanced diet and good digestion. This can be done with the right amount of proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins that will help in dealing with this problem.

 Home Remedies to control excessive farting

Instead of going to a doctor one can always resort to home remedies that are more easy, quicker and convenient. Some of them are as follows:

  • Cooking vegetables properly and thoroughly helps break down the food in a better way and prevents farting.
  • Accommodating more fruits, milk products, nuts and other food products that maintain the alkalinity in the body is important as well.
  • Having food at proper times, eating lesser amount but more frequently at the right interval is also useful.
  • Herbal tea, ginger tea, black coffee instead of milk and creamy coffee or tea is healthier for the stomach.
  • Increasing the intake of water makes one fart lesser as it flushes down the toxins in the body through urination. Also drinking lukewarm water with lime before having food, especially breakfast is extremely helpful for a good digestive system. It will not only release the toxins but also prevent constipation and will help in maintaining better bowel movements.
  • A stress free life that includes more exercise is a sure winner. When one is tensed one tends to swallow more air.

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How to stop farting in sleep?

Some people also have a problem of farting while they are asleep. The following measures can be taken to deal with that:

  1. Sleeping with tighter clothes on is a funny but helpful idea since it can reduce the farting noise.
  2. One must also avoid drinking caffeinated or carbonated drinks before going off to sleep.
  3. If lying on the stomach is avoided and one lies on the side or back the passing of gas is less likely to occur.

Foods that must be avoided completely, at least for a few weeks

  1. Vegetables such as Artichokes, cabbage, cauliflower, sprouts, onions, radishes, green peppers.
  2. Fruits such as Apricot, banana, prunes, and raw apples.
  3. Eggs, dairy products, baked and Fried foods.
  4. Too much protein such as in Pulses, Chickpea, Beans, Yogurt, Cheese. They are also low on nutritional value.

Mediterranean diet has proven to be the most effective for a healthy digestive system and a lot of nutrition experts have accommodated this diet for treating flatulence. Consumption of fennel tea, ginger tea and green lemon tea also prevents release of gas since its rich in antioxidants that are light on intestines.

Simethicone Containing Products: an anti-foaming agent, Simethicone is taken to treat bloating and pain due to excessive flatulence and is administered orally. Simethicone products such as Maalox Anti-Gas, Mylanta Gas, Gas-X, Phazyme help in breaking up and as a result they pass easily. This however does not mean that there will be reduction in the release of gas but it will definitely treat the discomfort due to accumulation of this gas.

Farting as a natural body function can be controlled but not completely stopped as it is essential to an extent. However the discomfort caused by it can be taken care of by following some easy steps and making little changes as already discussed to have a better digestion.

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