Small Red Bumps on Skin

Skin is one of the most important and sensitive organs of a human body as it interacts with the outside environment directly. Several external factors such as sun, dirt and dust, fungus, bacteria etc. can cause rashes or red bumps over the skin which can or cannot be painful. If you have got red bumps on skin, then you should first know about the root cause of the same. Also some rashes like ringworm are contagious, so it is necessary to consult your dermatologist at the earliest to avoid further complications. Not all skin rashes are painful and itchy but their sight can lead to low self confidence in many and can affect the person both mentally and physically.

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Mostly, rashes or red bumps over the skin can be an outcome of-

  • Fungal or bacterial infection- scarlet fever, intertrigo, ringworm are few examples of skin problems triggered by bacterial or fungal infection.
  • Direct contact with an allergen or irritant
  • Allergic reaction from some kind of medication
  • Virus- measles, chicken pox, roseola, shingles etc are the examples of small red bumps or rashes on the skin caused by virus.

Rashes like dermatitis and pityriasis rosea are some of the most common rashes found among the people. While the former is symbolized by inflammation over the skin and has many types and causing agents, the latter is characterized by itchy skin which starts with a spot and then sweeping outwards. Another common skin rash is shingles which is caused by chicken pox virus which becomes active even after the disease is cured. Dealing with such short term red skin bumpy condition is bad enough but when the rashes are long term and do not go away easily, then the things becomes more irritating. Conditions like eczema, lichen annularis, lichen planus and psoriasis fallen under the category of skin rashes which are long lastly and demand extra medication attention. These are also recurring skin rashes with keep on coming back and thus annoy a lot.

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Sometimes in hot and humid climate, red rashes or bumps start to appear over the skin, such a condition is termed as heat rash. It is not a serious problem and can be resolved by taking proper skin care and avoiding tight clothes. In western countries, skin allergies from the sun also lead to red patches or rashes over the skin.


As there can be a number of causes and conditions with can lead to skin rash or red bumps, it is important to identify the best treatment option to return good health to your skin. There are some conditions like intertrigo which go away on their own, but others require good medical assistance and care. In case of bacterial infection on the skin, you need to have a good anti bacterial cream or medication handy. Skin rash caused by fungi can be treated using anti fungal infection medication. Many of these medications are available over the counter and many are prescribed by the doctor depending upon the severity of your skin rash or bumps. If the rash is triggered by viral infection, then it is best to treat its symptoms rather than combating from the virus itself. For instance, an antihistamines or anti itch medication can help you ease your itching.

Getting those red, patching, sometimes itchy red bumps over the skin doesn’t sound appealing; it is better to avoid them by keeping good care of your skin. One must try to keep the skin clean ( practice proper personal hygiene) and avoid being in touch with any allergen or potential invader that can damage your skin. In case of rashes, take proper medication and advice from the physician which will help in keeping your skin healthy.

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