Bubbles in Urine

Presence of bubbles in urine can be an indication of several conditions in the body.  It is normal to feel a little panicky after seeing foamy formation in the toilet, after you’ve relieved yourself.  But it may not always be a cause to be alarmed.

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Infrequent episodes may not be a serious problem. It is also possible that there’s no problem at all and on the other hand, it can be a serious issue too. Bubbles in urine can be from mixing urine with the cleaning chemicals used in toilets or can be sign of something as major as kidney disease.

Normal Conditions of bubbles in urine

  1. Pregnancy: It is found that in few cases pregnant women experience kidney enlargement which may result in bubble formation. In addition to this, kidney does extra work of filtering higher amounts of amino acid during pregnancy. If the amount of amino acids become more than the ability of renal tubules to absorb amino acids then protein may pass through the urine. Presence of protein in urine is a cause of bubble formation in urine.
  2. Mild dehydration: This is yet another reason that causes urine to bubble. Dehydration is  caused from drinking inadequate amounts of water and the symptoms of dehydration include dry mouth, headache, fatigue and reduced urine output which can be sometimes frothy. Dehydration causes urine to concentrate which further leads to bubble formation. The fact that diabetic patients experience dehydration a lot, it is most likely that they experience bubbles in urine. Drinking adequate amount of water or fluids can eliminate dehydration.
  3. Menstruation: It is quite normal for women to experience bubbles in urine during menstruation. The reason for bubble formation is mainly dehydration which can be rectified by consuming plenty of water.
  4. Rapid Urination: Going for urinating rapidly also causes bubbles.

Serious conditions causing bubbles in urine

It is equally possible that bubbles in urine are due to abnormal conditions like kidney failure and urinary tract infections.

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  1. Proteinuria: This is the most common reason that people experience bubbles in urine. Presence of high levels of protein in urine may be from intake of protein drinks containing large quantities of protein, protein supplements for body building, large fishes or any other source of protein. When body ingests excess amounts of protein, the extra amount is eliminated through urine. Usually in such a case infrequent bubbles occur.  Frequent bubbles in urine can be a serious problem as it mostly associated with kidney problems or medical condition of body’s inability to metabolize protein. A normal healthy kidney removes all waste products from the body leaving only those required by the body. However, if the kidney is damaged or kidney disease in which glomeruli doesn’t function properly, protein from the blood enters the urine. If the cause of bubbles in urine is due to excess of protein then protein intake should be reduced immediately.
  2. Urinary tract infections: This is another cause that individuals can experience bubbles in their urine. In this, bubbles are formed when microorganisms enter into sterile urinary tract and release gas. If this is the reason of bubbles in urine then individuals might also experience pain and burning sensation. This condition should be taken to a doctor who can analyze urine and determine if urinary tract infection is present.
  3. Vesicocolic Fistula: Fistula is an abnormal connection between two organs or blood cells. In the current context it is the abnormal connection formed between urinary bladder and colon. This is most commonly seen is men as compared to women in a ratio 3:1. Swelling or inflammation in bladder occurs on the base of urinary bladder and fluids build up under the skin. The bubbles present in this fluid are released into the urine resulting in bubbles in urine.
  4. Foamy urine: Sometimes it becomes difficult to differentiate between foamy urine and bubbles in urine. Foamy urine is nothing but urine which comes on forceful urination. The foamy appearance is a result of excess air which gets trapped in the urine. But getting foamy urine constantly might be a sign of protein in urine or kidney disease. It is important to note that bubbles in early morning urination can be due to the fact that morning urine is comparatively more concentrated which might cause bubbles.
  5. Kidney disease: As discussed earlier, kidneys are responsible for urine formation and any damage or infection can cause protein to enter into the urine. Protein in urine results in bubble formation and more frequent urge to urinate.

If you witness bubbles in urine infrequently then it is perhaps not the matter of overly concern. However frequent bubbles in urine or foamy urine should be immediately reported to the physician particularly if this condition is accompanied by symptoms of kidney disease like swellings in abdomen, feet and hands.

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