Tailbone Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases of a female’s life. It is a phase that every woman looks forward to. How wonderful it is to feel a life growing inside, to nurture it and build a world for it where no fear can touch that little gift of God. But as it is rightly said no gains without pains; the same it is with pregnancy. A woman has to go through so many painful moments during the course of nine months and one of these and a very prolonged one at that,  is the pain in the tailbone.

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‘Tailbone pain’ also known as coccyx pain mainly occurs at the end of third trimester of pregnancy; very near to the child birth.  One may also experience tailbone pain at any stage of pregnancy, be it the first trimester, second trimester or third trimester. There are different reasons for tailbone pain during different trimesters.

Tailbone pain during pregnancy and its effects on various trimesters

During the first trimester, a female body releases hormones known as relaxin and estrogen. These hormones are responsible for relaxing the ligaments in the pelvic area. This is done because the muscles perceive the coming of a baby and so they shift around to make space for it in the abdominal area. But this process also causes the coccyx to shift more than it generally would, which results in pain in the tailbone.

In the second and third trimester, tailbone pain is caused due to the developing baby. As the baby develops it needs more space. Since tailbone lies just behind the uterus, baby’s head presses against mother’s tailbone. The pressure leads to pain in the area. This pain only worsens as the pregnancy proceeds.

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If you are suffering with constipation or lower back injury, pain gets all the more intensified. During the later months of pregnancy even sneezing and coughing may cause coccyx to pain. Walking, running, cycling, sitting for too long, standing for too long all of these may trigger tailbone pain.

Treatment and relief tips

As according to the doctors it is impossible to completely get rid of tailbone pain, while it will gradually disappear after pregnancy. But there are certain things that will help you ease out the pain.

  • Change positions: you must never sit for too long nor stand for too long. If you have been standing for long or sitting for long doing the opposite will help relax pain.
  • Prenatal yoga: You may go for yoga exercises. Yoga helps in developing the elasticity of body and will also help your body accustom to the change easily.
  • Coccyx pillows: Many females use coccyx pillows or inflated tubes and have reported that it helps them relieve pain to a very considerable extent.
  • Painkillers: If the pain gets too intolerable you may also take some very mild painkillers but only under observation of your doctor. Never go for painkillers or medicines without consulting your doctor.

Apart from above remedies applying heat pads or ice pads may also soothe the pain.

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