Oily Urine

Urine is usually made up of excess fluids and waste products that are filtered from the body by the kidneys. Oily urine can occur due to a number of causes such as dehydration, chyle, and […]

Orange Urine

Have you experienced having orange urine?  Urine that has an orange hue has many possible reasons.  The particular tint  could be simply caused by food color from drinks or foods recently ingested, or it could […]

High Ketones in Urine

The presence of ketones in urine indicates that the body is making use of fat as energy source instead of glucose. Ketonuria, as this condition is referred to, is characterized by the high quantity of […]

Why is my urine cloudy?

Having cloudy urine could mean a number of things. Urine is typically clear with a yellowish tinge. If it takes on a murky, foamy or turbid appearance it is described as cloudy. There are plenty […]

ESBL in Urine

ESBL means – ‘Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamases’. These are bacteria which produce an enzyme –  also called ESBL. This enzyme make the bacteria immune to antibiotics. ESBLs can live in the bowel for many years […]

Urine smells like Coffee?

Ever wondered why every doctor, when testing for some disease generally asks to get yourself tested for a urine test?  The reason is obvious, urine is not only one of the most important methods by […]

Bubbles in Urine

Presence of bubbles in urine can be an indication of several conditions in the body.  It is normal to feel a little panicky after seeing foamy formation in the toilet, after you’ve relieved yourself.  But […]