Rash Under Armpit

The armpit is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. It requires continuous care so as to prevent symptoms such as rashes. These blemishes may appear because of using harmful deodorants and perfumes and they may also occur due to absence of regular cleaning. Even shaving the hair can lead to rashes if it is not done carefully. The important point here is to get the rashes treated as far as possible so that further damage can be prevented.

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As mentioned before, rashes under armpits can appear due to applying deodorants to mask the small of sweat. The chemicals in the deodorant may trigger a reaction if the skin is too sensitive. People also need to be careful with the soaps that they are using since these products also contain chemicals.

Rashes under armpits can also appear due to clothes that are too tight or clothes that are made from synthetic materials. Clothes that wrap around the armpits tightly can lead to rashes. Hence it is always better to wear loose clothing that helps the free passage of air.

Rash under armpit can also occur if there is absence of proper hygiene. Sweat that accumulates under the armpit is susceptible to attracting bacteria which may trigger the rashes. In this case you can use a anti-bacterial soap and wash the armpits as directed.

Fungal infections are another cause for rashes. Ringworm is a common fungal infection which leads to itching and burning of the skin. If you develop an infection like this then you need to wash your armpits thoroughly and then let them dry. You can then apply an antifungal cream which clotimazole as one of the ingredients. If the problem persists or increases then you can call the doctor.

Rashes can also appear due to improper shaving. See to it that the razor is not very old and you shave the armpits slowly. Since old razors become dull you will need to use more force to remove the hair. Instead you can buy new razor and shave hair. Allergic reaction is another cause. This reaction can be triggered by certain fragrances, deodorants or soap. In this case, you can apply a special hydrocortisone cream.

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Excessive heat us yet another cause. This normally leads to red bumps that are normally painless. They develop when the armpits are exposed to excessive heat and wetness. In this case, it is best to use talcum powder if the weather conditions persist. You can also apply topical corticosteroids to relieve the discomfort. If the armpits rub against each other, friction is caused and this can lead to rashes as well. Continuous friction leads to follicles being infected. Friction can happen when the clothes are too tight. The natural solution is to wear loose clothes.

Last but not the least are certain skin disorders such as dermatitis. In this case, skin infection can happen to any part of the body including the armpits. This problem can be solved by applying hydrocortisone or steroidal creams.

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