Skin Tags on Eyelids

In the initial stages, skin tags on eyelids appear as a tiny bump on the skin of the eyelids. It usually has the same color as the surrounding skin. The bump becomes bigger with the passage of time and tends to droop out. It can retain the skin color or turn somewhat darker. The grown lump remains attached to the skin with the help of a very narrow piece of skin referred to as ‘the stalk.’ This abnormal growth which hangs out of the eyelid skin is known as a skin tag on eyelids.

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The condition is not dangerous and does not cause any medical complications. They also have no known links with cancer. Eyelid skin tags are however ugly to look at and can result in increased self-consciousness in the patient, as well as be a cause of great embarrassment. People may however be relieved to known that these tags normally tend to appear in areas such as the genitals, neck, and the armpits. Cases of skin tags on eyelids are relatively uncommon.


Research still continues to find out the causes of skin tags/skin tags on eyelids. Additionally, there are no known risk factors that can raise the susceptibility to developing such a condition.

A number of observations, as listed below, have however been indicated in various studies conducted on skin tags:

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  • An increased age increases the vulnerability to developing skin tags on eyelids
  • Younger adults usually develop skin tags in the armpits, groin and other hidden areas of the body. Middle-aged and older people are however more likely to develop these on the neck, cheeks, eyelids, and hands.
  • Women are at greater risk to skin tags than men
  • Patients of diabetes mellitus are also at greater risk of being affected by this problem.
  • Uncommon medical conditions like Birt-Hogg-Dubé syndrome and polycystic ovary syndrome have links with appearance of skin tags.
  • Women are at increased risk to to these unsightly tags during and after pregnancy.
  • Overweight people and individuals who have recently put on excess weight are also prone to develop this condition
  • Skin tags also have genetic links. A family history of the condition increases the risk to developing the skin disorder.

Treatment for skin tags on eyelids (removal)

Skin tags on eyelids are harmless. Patients who want to remove them for cosmetic reasons should visit a doctor. It can be removed in the following ways:

  • A doctor may surgically remove the skin tag on eyelid. General anesthesia may be used during the procedure.
  • The abnormal growth is frozen by use of liquid nitrogen which destroys it. This procedure is called cryotherapy.
  • Blocking the flow of blood to the skin tag via varied means will cause the growth to rot and drop off.
  • The stalk or the complete skin tag may be burnt off with the use of electric current. This procedure, known as electro-cauterization, may cause minor scarring.
  • Skin tags on eyelids can also be eliminated via laser therapy. It does leave scar marks.
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