Discharge from the Eye – Types

Eye mucus is discharge from the eye. This can be common occurrence especially in the morning, when you wake up. It may be not be simple enough to explain  different types of mucus that excretes from your eyes to the doctor. Hence, a common way to refer to the mucus is by referring to its color. There are several types of mucus which includes yellow mucus, green mucus, thick crusty mucus, etc. Some of these are explained further.

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Types of discharge from the eye

Thick gray or green mucus from eye

Thick mucus, green or grayish in color, may indicate affliction of an underlying infection caused due to bacteria. Conjunctivitis resulted due to bacterial infection may cause your eyes to become completely shut when you get up from the bed in the morning. This type of infection is resulted due to bacteria that produce pus. This may also cause a deep reddish hue and irritation.

Yellow eye mucus

Yellow mucus, that is accompanied by a minute lump or nodule formation on your eyelid, may be the manifestation of a stye. The glands in the eyelid may get blocked sometimes and get infected. It may also leak mucus.  Though affected individuals may have the urge to pop this pimple- like nodule, it is suggested to avoid doing this.

Yellow or white eye mucus

Yellow or whitish spherical formation that are visible in watery tears is a sign of dacryocystitis. This is a nasolacrimal sac infection, which is commonly called tear draining system. The condition may be accompanied with facial pain, swelling around eyelid and redness of face.

Crusty eye mucus

Thick crust-like eye mucus on your eyelid and lashes may be a result of a condition called blepharitis. This medical condition is caused due to bacteria that generally colonize your skin. These bacteria may proliferate and infect the eye.

Stringy white mucus

Stringy mucus may be an indication of allergic conjunctivitis. The allergic reaction may cause secretion of discharge and accumulation of mucus.

Eye Mucus causes

There are several causes that may lead to yellow or green mucus discharge from the eyes. Most cases are harmless and do not cause serious complications. However, in some cases the condition can be caused due to serious underlying conditions. The most common reason why many people have mucus in the corner of their eye is because of invasion of some kind of bacteria. These bacteria may have reached the eye due to make-up, oily skin or other factors. Blepharitis is a serious condition that may have caused due to bacteria. This condition is inflammation of the eye, which may lead to thick and yellowish mucus formation.

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People who are suffering from flu and cold may have more discharge from the eye. Pinkeye is a condition wherein viral infection attacks the protective eye membrane. In case of cold or flu, the discharge is less crusty, thinner and clearer. These cases of mucus tend to cure away faster as the irritant is eliminated.  Irritation to the eye can be caused due to many factors such as pollen, gusty winds, dryness of eyes or eyelashes, etc. Inflammation of the conjunctiva can also lead to discharge from the eye. However, these eye issues can lead to serious problems.   So, please consult your doctor if you experience eye discharge, swollen eye, irritation or visual changes.


  • Yellow or green mucus discharge from the eye
  • Dried discharge on the eyelids or eyelashes
  • Eye lashes becoming stuck when you wake up in the morning
  • Puffy eyelid due to inflammation

Treatment for yellow or green discharge from the eye
Depending on the factor that causes your eye to discharge mucus, the doctor will suggest you suitable treatment. It is crucial to consult your doctor if the condition seems serious.  He or she may possibly suggest you oral antibiotics or appropriate eye-drops according to the condition. If the condition is caused due to serious underlying health issue, then relevant treatment is suggested. In rare cases surgical procedure may be needed depending on the complication.

Home remedies

Home remedies are also beneficial when it comes to dealing with discharge from eye of manageable level. If your eyes are closed in the morning due to dried mucus, then one can use soft cloths soaked in warm water and gently clean the eyes. The warm water loosens the dried crusty mucus and enables you to open your eye.

Avoid using make-up while you are affected with eye-discharge. You should also switch to new make-up set and throw away the older one, especially if it was the one used during the infection. This will significantly decrease the chances of recurrent eye infection, as it is stated that contaminated cosmetics are among the leading causes of infection of the eye.

Try removing surplus oil from the eyelid by washing them using mild soap or baby shampoo. While doing this ensure to massage the eyelids in a downward motion. There are also commercial eyelid scrubs which are often suggested by doctors. One should also avoid sharing wash cloths, handkerchiefs and towels.

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