Nummular Eczema

Nummular eczema is a form of eczema or dermatitis that makes the skin to break out and form red marks that are round and shaped like coins. The skin rash may be itchy and burning. It is also highly visible in most parts of the body. The skin condition can affect anyone at any age. In men, the skin rash tends to occur after the age of 50 and in women, it mainly occurs before the age of 30, but this does not mean that the condition cannot occur in other ages. At times, young people both males and females can experience the condition.

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The exact cause of this skin rash is not well known and scientists believe there may be genetic changes involved in its formation. However, this is not always true as the condition may occur due to injury, damage or irritation on the skin. Lack of moisture on skin can cause dryness and increase the probability of suffering from nummular eczema. 

Exposure to certain elements such as metals, chemicals, and other substance can impair the defence mechanism of skin causing eczema or eczema to develop. Although family history of developing eczema may increase the chances of suffering from nummular eczema, the link between genetic predispositions and eczema is not clearly understood. People with a history of developing allergies are more likely to suffer from nummular eczema. 

Nummular Eczema Symptoms

A person with this condition has round or oval patches of lesions that mostly occur on extremities like the legs. They may also occur on hands, feet and trunk. The lesions are symmetrical. The condition may not affect the scalp and face. Because of the severe itching, excoriation may cause erosion on the lesions. 

Staphylococcal infection may occur in early lesions formation such as the vesicles producing yellow crusts. The plaque dries and becomes scaly after a few days. Thereafter, the lesions flatten and form brown hyperpigmentation as a result of inflammation but this colour lightens and at times, it may never completely fade out. The plaque may clear at the center thus appearing like tinea corporis. 

Many people who develop nummular eczema find that the condition forms coin shaped rashes on their legs. The rash may be mild and at other times, it becomes severe. The severe itching can cause discomfort. The lower back, hips, and forearms are other areas that develop the rashes. The rash may be present in a few parts or spread on entire limbs. The back of the hand is the most exposed and vulnerable part of skin of your body and the condition also affects this part. 

Some people first develop the rash on hand and it spread to other areas. Other people may only develop spots on the hands and no other parts of the body are affected. The sensitivity of skin to certain substances may vary in different people. Some people may develop nut allergy that can seem life threatening if it is not managed properly. Metals and chemical substances like Zinc, and formaldehyde can cause sensitivity on skin. 

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This condition has no cure but proper management of the symptoms can help a person relieve the itching. Keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized helps in preventing the occurrence of the condition or the severity of the symptoms. In addition, the skin should be maintained clean but you need to check on the water temperatures. Extremely hot water may dry the skin and make it susceptible to irritation and skin rash. 

When the rash leads to an infection, antibiotics may be administered to prevent serious complications. Antibiotics may help prevent bacterial infection and enable the skin to start healing again. Treatment of nummular eczema symptoms should start as soon as the rashes appear. This makes sure that the rashes do not worsen and minimal medication is required to manage the problem. If treatment is delayed, the rash may become severe or cause secondary infection with bacteria. 

Using a hydrating moisturizer and luxuriant can help preserve the skin. Steroid creams and other oral medication may be needed to prevent itching and the burning sensation caused by the rashes. Severe cases of eczema may not respond effectively to topical steroid creams therefore a stronger treatment such as oral dose may be required. The medications also help in speeding up the healing process of the lesions thus ensuring the skin becomes healthy in a short time. 

Protecting the skin is the first treatment option you need to take to ensure that you prevent the rash from occurring in the first place. If you have the condition, you need to ensure that the skin is protected against chemical and metal exposure. The protection may also help prevent scratching the skin something that causes damage due to irritation and flare up of eczema. When there is severe irritation of the skin, you may be tempted to scratch the affected area causing damage and broken skin. It is advised that you avoid scratching the skin. 

Nummular Eczema Pictures

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